martes, 1 de junio de 2010

Stidents of 3c ESO. Improve

Applied. So have students at 3 of the ESO and 6th grade this course have been tested of Knowledge and Skills Necessary for the Community convenes each year in which this time have gained some of the best ratings in its history: almost one notable the Primary (11 and 12 years) and a sufficient average grade of secondary school (14 to 15 years). Mathematics has ceased to be the bete noire of the secondary students

The ratings, released Monday by the Ministry of Education, show that mathematics has ceased to be the bete noire of the secondary students. Of the three assessments made so far, this is the first in which more than half of students (54.1%) approve of Mathematics. Last year it achieved only 32.7%. And not only that. The math average score of 52 128 students tested has risen from 3.81 last year (then described as "unacceptable" by education authorities) to 5.21 of this course.

Furthermore, adding the language test the pass rate this year reached 56.6%. A figure well above the 42.3% in 2009 out gracefully from the March test. º ESO. And the average score of all the evidence leaves no doubt: 5.32. It is the first time since the celebrated (2008) that students do not get suspended and, at least one enough.

My opinion of this new is that the marks of this year are so much better. Cause we reach the sufficient, and the last year no.
we improve this year, but we will have to see how is the next year.

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